Dental Sense Medicover Warszawa

Bazując na wieloletnim doświadczeniu i trosce o najwyższe standardy stworzyliśmy Dental Sense Medicover Warszawa – nowoczesne centrum stomatologiczne zlokalizowane w wyjątkowym miejscu – Centrum Praskim Koneser. Naszym pacjentom oferujemy kompleksowe wsparcie w realizacji marzeń o pięknych i zdrowych uśmiechach. Holistyczne podejście do planowania leczenia i łączenie doświadczenia z innowacyjnymi rozwiązaniami technologicznymi, pozwala nam na przeprowadzanie najbardziej wymagających planów leczenia.

Aesthetic dentistry

Artistic fillings

The most aesthetic fillings – ideal for frontal teeth. State of the art techniques for imitation of natural tooth structure and shade.

Teeth whitening

Safe and painless way to get a beautiful, snow-white smile in just one visit. In-Office Whitening or Take-Home Whitening Systems.

ICON - White Spot Treatment

Innovative technology to remove white spots from teeth and arrest the formation of cavities. No drilling or anaesthesia required.

No-prep veneers

Improvement of the shape, harmony and colour of teeth, without tooth grinding. Minimal-invasive treatment with immediate aesthetic effect.

Invisible braces Clear Aligner

Clear Aligner is an invisible and comfortable way to have straight teeth. The treatment is effective and its duration is shortened to the minimum.

Digital Smile Design

The power to create a perfect smile, fully integrated with the facial features and mimics. Ability to view the end result before treatment even starts.


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Dental implants

The highest quality dental implants with a lifetime warranty ensure reliable and aesthetically perfect results.


Functionality and aesthetics fully restored through the combination of modern technologies and high quality materials.

Oral surgery

The best experts and advanced surgical techniques guarantee absolute safety during even the most complicated procedures.

Root canal treatment

Effective and painless tooth rescue guaranteed by innovative treatment methods and absolute control under the microscope.

Dental fillings

Minimally invasive and effective methods of cavities, or tooth decay, treatment for health and aesthetics of your teeth.

Preventive dentistry

Professional teeth cleaning is not just about healthy teeth, but also improvement of their natural whiteness, smoothness and gloss.

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