ICON - White Spot Treatment

Icon – korekta przebarwień

Icon is a revolutionary product for white spot treatment, available at Dental Sense Clinic. White spots on the teeth can have many causes including a demineralization after braces, high fluoride intake as a child, childhood illness or trauma to the adult teeth. Besides making a smile unattractive, the spots make teeth sensitive and can actually turn into cavities.

With Icon we can effectively remove white spots from your teeth and arrest caries progression in the early stages - with no injections and no drills!

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What is ICON?

ICON is a state of the art product, which can restore the natural colour of your teeth. In just one visit, Icon can arrest caries progression, remove white spots, and increase the life expectancy of treated teeth. The beauty of Icon system is that it requires no drilling, anaesthesia, or sacrificing healthy tooth structure. Icon’s micro-invasive infiltration technology allows the white spots to blend in with the rest of the tooth to provide a beautiful and aesthetic smile. What is more, by sealing the pore system with Icon, acids can no longer penetrate into the lesion, thus stopping the progression of caries at an early stage.

The procedure is easy, completely painless and lasts for about 30 minutes.

Icon white spot treatment


The advantages of ICON

  • Immediate aesthetic results
  • Pain-free method, without anaesthesia, or drilling
  • One visit treatment
  • Caries arrest at an early stage
  • Preservation of healthy tooth structure
  • Increased tooth life expectancy
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