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Dental diagnostics Gdańsk

Dental patients come to the dentist with a variety of problems. Some cases are relatively easy to diagnose and treat, while others are very complicated. Dentistry uses a number of different diagnostic tests that enable doctors to make an appropriate diagnosis and develop an optimal treatment plan. At Dental Sense Medicover Gdańsk, we want to provide our patients with the best possible care, which is why our offices are equipped with modern diagnostic equipment.

Why is dental diagnostics important?

In every field of medicine, making the correct diagnosis is essential for effective treatment. It is no different in dentistry. Thanks to diagnostic tests, the dentist is able to accurately assess the health of diseased teeth and plan their treatment. He knows what to expect after opening the tooth. During root canal treatment, it is useful to know the number of canals in a given tooth and their shape, which allows for an X-ray. When implant treatment is needed, an appropriate diagnostic test provides information, among other things, about bone density.

What information do diagnostic tests provide?

The patient may think that the ordered tests unnecessarily increase the costs of treatment. Nothing could be further from the truth. Each diagnostic test is a source of many different data, which are the basis for making a diagnosis and planning treatment. The dentist may order several diagnostic tests. Belong to them:

Dental X-ray Gdańsk

Dental X-ray is the most basic diagnostic test used in dentistry. Thanks to it, the doctor learns about the condition of the teeth and their structure. They are used in the diagnosis of inflammation, pulp and periodontal diseases. In addition, it is necessary to plan root canal treatment, because the X-ray shows the shape and number of dental canals. At Dental Sense Medicover Gdańsk, we take all dental X-rays at place within a few seconds. The innovative Carestream system guarantees maximum safety. Thanks to high-frequency technology, the patient receives a minimal radiation dose reduced by 30%. Additionally, the scanner allows you to immediately display the photo on the monitor.

Computed tomography - CBCT in Gdańsk

Computed tomography of the teeth, jaw and mandible is a very accurate technique for imaging selected tissues. The camera takes a series of X-ray photos and superimposes them, which allows you to obtain a 3D image.

At Dental Sense Medicover Gdańsk, we have the highest generation CS 8100 3D and CS 9600 3D tomograph, which can take 2D panoramic radiographs and 3D spatial photos. This enables precise diagnosis and treatment planning even in the most complex cases, as the doctor obtains accurate information about the condition of the teeth and bone density. 3D photos are an ideal solution for endodontic treatments, implantology, surgery and orthodontics.

Panoramic radiograph Gdańsk

During a panoramic radiograph, an X-ray of the maxilla and mandible is performed. The photo shows structures invisible to the naked eye. It shows all the patient’s teeth, including the impacted ones, the maxilla, mandible, temporomandibular joints, paranasal sinuses and a fragment of the hard palate. A panoramic radiograph provides a lot of information, and some dentists recommend performing it approximately every 2 years to check exactly whether everything is ok with your smile.

Cephalometric photo in Gdańsk

The result of cephalometry is a photo of the skull in a lateral position, which clearly shows the patient’s bite, all bones, soft and hard facial tissues, as well as the hard palate and paranasal sinuses. Cephalometric imaging is used primarily in orthodontics, but is also useful in prosthetics, laryngological diagnostics and reconstructive surgery. It allows you to plan treatment and assess the progress of therapy.

3D tooth scanning in Gdańsk

The intraoral scanner allows you to perform a digital 3D scan, which can detect carious lesions or accurately measure the color of the patient’s teeth. At Dental Sense Medicover in Gdańsk, the examination is particularly comfortable thanks to the use of wireless technology. Our equipment also allows for the removal of excess soft tissue during the scanning process.

Examination with an intraoral camera in Gdańsk

During a visit, the doctor usually begins the examination by examining the patient’s teeth. He usually uses a mirror, which, however, cannot always show the exact condition of the teeth. That is why at the Dental Sense Medicover clinic we use the Carestream intraoral camera with a very high resolution. It allows you to observe even the smallest details. Thanks to this, we can accurately diagnose the problem and show the effects of treatment on a monitor placed just above the chair. Photos from the intraoral camera are also used, for example, in the process of developing a dental treatment plan.

X-ray laboratory in Gdańsk - dental examinations

When choosing a dentist, it is worth choosing one who has professional and modern diagnostic equipment in his office, because an appropriate diagnosis is the basis for effective treatment. At Dental Sense Gdańsk, we care about our patients and want to provide them with the most efficient and effective dental procedures possible. That is why we offer access not only to high-quality dental care, but also to precise radiological diagnostics.

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